1. Why Should One Add Insulation and Air Sealing?

    Perhaps the most cost effective way to both save money and improve your home’s comfort is to increase your home’s existing insulation, and air seal those penetrations and cracks into the garage, basement, and attic. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, homes use 50 to 70 percent of their energy consumption for heating and cooling their homes. Poor or inadequate …Read More

  2. How Roof Shingles are Rated

    Roof shingles are like carpet, they come in all colors and varieties.  The problem is that most people can’t tell the difference between a quality roof shingle.  This is why Underwriters Laboratories created the rating system for a roof shingle. The highest classification for roof shingles is the Class IV Roof Shingle.  A Class IV shingle is specially manufactured wit…Read More

  3. Should You File A Roof Insurance Claim?

    Recently we replaced a roof damaged by hail in August 2018 in Colorado.  The homeowner was eager to have the work completed as the one year anniversary was approaching, and they didn’t want to lose the depreciation value benefit.  However, her neighbor had a roof that was in far worse shape.  One didn’t need to even bother getting on the roof to determine this neigh…Read More

  4. Why Any Solar is Smart Solar

    Years ago, it was a smart question to ask, "What is the payback period for this solar project?"  Solar was expensive then, and the options beyond a solar lease were slim. That is no longer the case.  Solar is now so affordable, that almost all homes benefit from it.  This is why thousands now switch from renting electricity with Xcel to buying and owning electricity wit…Read More

  5. The Conservation Pyramid And A Denver Home Energy Audit

    The food pyramid is the familiar triangle with grains at the bottom, fats and sugars at the top. Modeled on the food pyramid, the conservation pyramid is a guide for home improvements that will conserve energy and save you money. Like the food pyramid, the conservation pyramid reads from the bottom up, so start at the lowest level and work your way up because the improveme…Read More

  6. Denver Home Energy Savings, Is A New Washing Machine Worth It?

    The answer is yes. Unlike other household items, major appliances in the last twenty years have gone UP in energy efficiency, DOWN in price. Research shows that between 1980 and 2001, the energy efficiency of refrigerators improved by approximately sixty percent while consumer prices dropped by forty percent. To improve your home energy savings, upgrade to Energy Star rate…Read More

  7. Denver Home Energy Audit, How It Works

    You want to lower your energy bills but you don't want to drain your bank account, so which home improvements can accomplish this objective? What design modifications would actually lower your bills? With low cost and highest savings being the goal, a certified home energy audit will first determine your current energy usage and energy waste with state-of-the-art technolog…Read More

  8. Denver Home Energy Rebates For Solar Water Heaters

    Using the sun's thermal energy to heat water, solar-powered water heaters come in a variety of designs, all of which include a collector and storage tank. These state-of-the-art heaters are described based upon its design and type of collector and circulation system. In order for existing homes and new construction to qualify for a tax credit or rebate, certain requirement…Read More

  9. Denver Home Energy Rebates, The Time Is Now

    The time is now for better home energy efficiency. Energy rates are increasing 7 percent each year, expected to double in 9 years. If you are a homeowner, you cannot afford to wait to make improvements and upgrades in order to reduce your family's energy consumption. Now is the time to prevent unwanted energy loss, improve the quality of your indoor air, lower your carbon …Read More

  10. Denver Home Energy Savings Exposed With Infrared Thermal Imaging

    The first step to saving energy in your home is to request a certified energy audit. The use of infrared cameras will diagnose home-performance problems such as air leaks, indoor air quality, insulation inefficiency and combustion safety issues. Audit specialists mainly use an infrared camera to make heat leaks visible. These cameras are also known as thermographic scanner…Read More