Services We Offer

Full Home Energy Audit:

A full, comprehensive, XCEL Home Energy Audit contains a series of blower door, thermal imaging, combustion appliance tests, as well as a determination what energy upgrades make the most financial sense, and which ones do not.  Xcel covers the majority of the costs of the audit, and the customer portion is rebated back to you if we are selected to perform any of the energy upgrades. As Denver’s premiere insulation company, we strive to provide the most in-depth energy audit of your home.

Air Sealing:

Air Sealing is now required when adding insulation by Xcel Energy in order to obtain any rebates?  Why? Because air sealing is the most important part of weatherization, and only by sealing gaps in your attic can you effectively stop excessive air leakage. We ensure that this work is done to qualify for eligible energy rebates. Whether spray insulation or traditional insulation installation is the best solution, we strive to get your home energy efficient as soon as possible.

Insulation Installation (attic): 

Most homes have inadequate insulation, even if they met the building code at the time of construction.  First, a measurement of your current R-value (Measure of heat resistance) is taken, as well as a measurement of how leaky your home currently is!  This is something most companies rarely do, and no company always does it like Sustainable Improvements.

We then add as necessary in an even and professional manner fiberglass or cellulite insulation and do so to qualify you for all eligible rebates and to ensure improved energy savings and home comfort.   We then re-measure your new and improved air leakage number to ensure success, or we will correct the mistake at no charge.

Spray Insulation (Existing wall): 

We also insulate with blow in insulation existing walls, which requires drilling appropriate halls between all studs, blowing in the insulation, and recapping the holes for the homeowner.  And like insulation in the attic, we will also measure before and after to ensure success for you!

Crawl Space:

The crawl space is a second home for air to escape from. As one of Denver’s premiere insulation companies, we proudly offer top quality spray insulation or traditional installation services.