The Department of Energy estimates that a typical home wastes significantly more energy than an energy efficient home. Few homes operate at near 100% efficiency, and Sustainable Improvements will help you realize substantial money savings by saving substantial energy.

Enjoy outstanding energy savings with upgrade for your home. At
Sustainable Improvements we can offer high quality, and affordable upgrades that include:

  • Insulation and attic bypass – air sealing
  • Efficient Furnace and heating systems
  • Duct sealing with patented aeroseal service
  • Efficient water heaters and tankless water heaters
  • Solar Window Film
  • Energy Efficient Windows

We ensure that all upgrades and services are completed by highly trained and professional contractors that all are approved by Xcel Energy in order to maximize your savings and rebates!


We understand and believe that the heart of any home’s energy system is its HVAC systems. The HVAC system keeps you comfortable, and without question is your largest energy user. That’s why we believe its essential to keep your HVAC system healthy we must engage in periodic inspections and upkeep. Doing so will keep your system healthy and strong – which saves you money and saves your energy!

We are proud to offer tune-ups, inspections, repairs, and of course new installations of highly efficient and affordable HVAC systems. Further, we will ensure that all available local energy rebates are obtained on your behalf!