Sustainable Improvements

Saving You Energy, Saving You Money!

financialbenefitsAt Sustainable Improvements, we pride ourselves on one overriding goal – to put you in a better financial position! With energy prices set to rise 7% per year for the foreseeable future, see the comparison below of the average customer in Denver metro with an average customer that invests differing amounts in home energy upgrades.

Initial Upgrades Cost Year 1 Total Bills
and Improvements**
Years 1-10
Total Customer Savings***
Years 1-10
Home owner – No Improvements $0 $1,396* $19,288 $0
Sustainable Improvements Customer Low Upgrades $500 (after rebates) $1,117 $15,430 $3,358
Sustainable Improvements Customer Medium Upgrades $2000 (after rebates) $838 $11,573 $5,715
Sustainable Improvements Customer High Upgrades $9000 (after rebates) $150 $2,072 $11,072

* Average range of Xcel customer based on average of 840 kWh per month and 70 therms of natural gas.
** To clarify, this is the total of projected utility expenses with 7 percent annual increases as projected by Xcel. This does not inlude cost of the initial upgrades.
*** To accuratly project savings, this does include the cost of the upgrades. The savings is what the customer saved by hiring Sustainable Improvements for different levels of improvements other than if they had made no improvements.
As can be seen, a homeowner is worse off by not calling and using Sustainable Improvements, and will start saving money immediately by calling us today!!  It’s that simple – pay now to save more, or don’t pay now but most definitely pay more over time.

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The 4 Steps to an Energy Efficient Home

Eliminate ever increasing electrical and natural gas bills.

Our certified building performance analysts first provide a thorough home energy audit of your home.

Based on the results of that review or audit, we present several affordable options to lower your energy bill.

Sustainable Improvements then oversees all the improvements, making sure that they are done with the highest professionalism.

Finally, but most importantly, we ensure that the work was done as promised, and will fix it at no charge to you if it wasn’t.