1. Net-Metering With Denver Home Solar Panels

    While you are at work or on vacation or just plain not-home, your solar system is producing energy all day every day. When your home is producing energy that you're not using, a surplus of energy is created. So what to do with this energy? This is called net-metering and it is available in many states including Colorado. How does it work? When your solar system generates…Read More

  2. Denver Home Solar Panels, Let's Talk Turkey

    How much money will you save by having a solar system installed in your home? Well, what was your electrical bill last month? Generally, a solar panel system will provide seventy percent of your electrical usage. Let's do the math: if you spent $200 on electricity last month and a solar panel system can save you 70%, then you will save $140 each month. That’s $1,680 pe…Read More

  3. Denver Home Solar Panels, How Does Solar Work?

    Solar panels are quite simple: they convert sunlight into electricity. Remember the silicon wafer technology that jump-started the whole computer era? Solar technology is very similar. A solar panel generates electricity which is sent to an inverter box. This box is typically attached to the side of your home -- it's the size of a large shoebox. The inverter box converts…Read More

  4. Denver Home Solar Panels, A Smart Investment

    Having solar electric panels installed in your home or business can totally eliminate your energy bill and literally save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year. Colorado homeowners who invest in solar panels not only save energy and money, but they find that their homes sell at a premium compared to homes without photovoltaic (PV) systems. To learn more about the si…Read More