Curious how you can lower your energy bills, save money, without emptying your bank account? Confused over what types of improvements would actually make financial sense and lower your bills? Our purpose here at Sustainable Improvements is to answer those questions for homeowners.

Step One: Analyze
Our certified building performance analysts first provide a thorough home energy audit of your home. Because each home is unique, we utilize the most innovative software approved by Xcel Energy that formulates
a unique report given your home’s characteristics, energy usage, family and household size and habits, and just as importantly, the current physical aspects of the home.

Step Two: Recommend
Based on the results of that review or audit, we present several affordable options to lower your energy bill, while improving the comfort of your home and saving energy. Depending on the home, this can include adding insulation to the basement, installing solar window film or replacing the windows, tankless water heaters, photovoltaic solar systems.

Step Three: Upgrade
Sustainable Improvements then oversees all the improvements, making sure that they are done with the highest professionalism, by experienced workers using the best products. All contractors are Xcel approved vendors, are insured, licensed, and the very best in the community at what they do.

Step Four: Finalize and Secure
Finally, but most importantly, we ensure that the work was done as promised, and will fix it at no charge to you if it wasn’t. We then handle all the paperwork to ensure that you receive all the tax credits and rebates that are available – federal, state and local!